Saturday, August 5, 2017

It's Alive!: An Introduction

Where to start?

Probably, embarking a project, whether personal or professional, is the essential hardship of it. I would say a part of this hardship stems right from the problem of “asynchronity”, because one seems can really never start from this “zero degree”; There are lots in the background and even a lot more in our personal arsenals filled with thoughts and films, with burning desires and sometimes even unfulfilled passions and dreams. And there's no need to say sometimes how perplexing it can be, considering the puzzling fragments/moments of the presence and the future you're about to face with!

When to start?

But what one can do when he or she is haunted by sudden urge and necessity to write and express his/her unspoken ideas, blasphemous thoughts and relentlessly obsessive contemplations? So, obviously that’s the time you MUST go with it and respond positively to this urgent need. Surely, it's not always easy to know where you're heading to or what will you come up with; but as Walt Whitman once said: “Strong and content I travel the open road.”

Why to start?

What’s the use of another blog in the middle of this chaotic-fast-pacing-network-reverie, or who do I seriously have to expect to read this? Today, it seems we’re even facing the end of the blog era (as print publications?); posting opinions on Facebook or Twitter is much accessible, and easy for readers/friends/followers to react to and comment on. So this can be a blog for both everyone and no one. A sort of Deleuzian “act of resistance” I might say; but as far as it’s related to online cinephilia and blog-writing, it’s also a matter of “act of persistent resistance”. So maybe like James Whale’s Frankenstein I can, at least for now, shout with insanity and enjoyment: “It’s alive!”

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